Reviews for Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide


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Pamela A. Maidens, M.A., C.L.E.M.
Journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, Health Progress

quoteHealthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide is a wonderful companion piece to Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals, also by Martin Helldorfer and Terri Moss.

What a gift this book is to those who spend their lives caring for others, often at great personal cost. Generally, health care workers are externally focused, overlooking personal discomfort in order to provide care to another. What we forget is that self care is a pre-requisite to caring for others, and if not addressed, it can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout. It is impossible to give from a state of depletion. Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide provides the tools and dialogue that nurture and sustain all caregivers.

The introspective approach and the use of reflective journaling allow the health care worker to make this journey about them, allowing them the opportunity to heal and regain the joy they once had when they started in their chosen profession. The exercises are useful not only for an individual but also for groups. I can envision this work assisting with team building and focusing the energy of the team. With all of the distractors in the health care environment, the ability to focus on what is most important is essential."

Anne M. Foss-Durant, RN, MN, FNP, MBA
Nurse Leader, Northern California
Caritas Coach

quoteThe challenge of achieving work-life balance is a hot topic among health care practitioners. Everyone seems to agree on its importance, but the conversation often reverts to the inherent stresses in healthcare work and the impossibility of ever doing anything to correct it.  Futility has reigned supreme.....until now!

With this publication, Marty Helldorfer and Terri Moss not only provide a clear analysis of the problem's multiple facets, but they also outline steps everyone can take to stop self-defeating behaviors, understand their own causative factors, and begin the process of healing themselves and their workplace environment.

Content organization is very effective. The insights into various aspects influencing work-life balance are presented with clarity and a fresh approach to self-understanding as the basis for healing from within.   The current stresses and pressure faced by nurses and other practitioners provides a context that projects an unmistakable authenticity of understanding the real world of health care today.   Many chapters include case studies, practical 'tips' and reflective questions to deepen the reader's understanding and application of the content provided.

I found every aspect of this book to accurately describe this difficult and complex problem, based on my own experiences and insights.   The best part is the new insights into who we are and how that impacts work-life balance.   And the best news is that the authors have provided a useful and practical pathway into work-life balance.   I especially approve of their recommendation about how to handle having more work to do than time available!   This book provides solutions for this very perplexing reality of work-life imbalance. "

Marie Manthey
Founder and President Emeritis
Creative Health Care Management

quoteAs a physician, patient, and cancer survivor, I echo the authors' admiration of dedicated healthcare professionals who make a daily difference in patients' and families' lives. What makes Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide distinctive is its focus on the inner journey, based on understanding what calls us to serve, releasing the past, being engaged in the present, and being part of a cause larger than ourselves.

I found it affirming in Chapter 8 "Finding the Right Work" that others beside me still feel that healthcare is a calling. Three insights emerge:

  • If we heed what life asks of us, a sense of peace and well-being follow
  • We become more comfortable in the realization that life is an unfinished journey
  • Every occupation provides people with opportunities to discover their value

I know many healthcare professionals, myself included, who have thrown themselves into their work only to lament afterward, "The hospital does not love me back." My only regret is that Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide was not mandatory reading decades ago during my surgical residency. "

Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS
CEO of Healthcare Collaboration
Author of Better Communication for Better Care, Collaborate for Success!
and Getting It Done

quoteMartin invites the reader to take a reflective walkabout the territory of self in the complex system of healthcare. Yes, health care is about the patient. And Martin reminds us that the compassionate care of the patient is best delivered by the provider who is both aware of themselves and their relationship to work.

With the collective wisdom of relevant stories, thought–provoking questions and a lens to understanding one's self at work, Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide is a gift to providers and patients alike. This book is essential reading for any caregiver in health care who wants to balance their care-receiving with a deeper appreciation of who they are in both their being and doing. Share this book liberally with others."

Kevin Buck, Principal
Emergent Success Inc.
"Working Better - Together"


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