imageMoss Communications is honored to support the Watson Caring Science Institute in their visionary effort of bringing together one million nurses to honor The International Year of the Nurse and Centenary of Nightingale.  The Watson Caring Science Institute has recognized the value and synergy of messages in Healing with Heart and we are joining together in action and shared vision to support the healing of caregivers, patients and their families, indeed, the healing of the world, through a focus and expression of love, compassion, forgiveness and caring.  We hope you will tell your colleagues and friends and join us.

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Million Nurse Project
January 1, 2010  |  12 Noon

Led by Jean Watson, Internationally known Human Caring Theorist, Dignitaries, & Professional Groups.

The Mapparium, Mary Baker Eddy Library, Boston, MA.


Nurses and nursing serve as an archetype of Human Caring in the World. Nurses are uniting during 2010, The International Year of the Nurse and Centenary of Nightingale to radiate heart-centered Love and Caring through individual and collective global meditations of Love, Caring and Compassion.


Offered by Jean Watson

Join your Sisters and Brothers worldwide, take a breath, meditate with deep, heart-centered feelings of Love and Caring.

Radiate the Light you have to give, send to all who need to receive Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Caring.

With a sense of quiet gratitude, Bless and release this field of Love and Compassionate Caring into Humanity. Know WE are Humanity and can Nurture human caring/healing on our planet.


Distinguished Professor of Nursing
Endowed Chair in Caring Science
University of Colorado Denver College Nursing
Founder: Watson Caring Science Institute
Boulder, Colorado USA