Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals
WINNER: American Journal of Nursing 2008 Book of the Year Award

When Martin Helldorfer, a former monk and clinical psychologist, was Senior Vice President of Mission at Exempla Healthcare, he issued weekly emails for over six years to Exempla employees. Inspired by these messages, Terri Moss of Moss Communications selected the best of these stories and reflections and created Healing with Heart.

If Burnout is the Problem, Healing with Heart is the Antidote

Health care demands a level of commitment, passion and near-perfection from healthcare professionals who go to work every day knowing that an error in judgment or action has life-and-death consequences. Over time, they find their passion to help others assaulted by these pressures while facing the demands from patients and their families, managers, and coworkers, the financial and political realities of health care, and inadequate time and resources to do the job.

The result: a rise in medical errors, stress, burnout, staffing shortages, and an avoidable drop in the quality of care. Healing with Heart is the antidote: written for health care professionals who want to boost their resistance to professional burnout and regain an enthusiasm and deeper connection with patients and their families, their coworkers and bosses. Healing with Heart is for those who want to regain their passion for the work that deep down, remains their calling. Healing with Heart is being integrated into caring-for-the-caregiver programs including Self-Care Academy, as a reflective, self-care tool used with yoga and other meditative activities to combat compassion fatigue.

Healing with Heart: Changing the Climate and Improving Patient Care

Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals is one of the few books written by a health care professional exclusively for health care professionals who are working at the bedside or supporting those who do. In conjunction with their initiatives like Relationship-Based Care, Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Transforming Care at the Bedside, hospitals are giving employees Healing with Heart to reframe how health care is delivered and profoundly shape the climate of their organization one person at a time. Teamwork improves as communication deepens and patients benefit. Everyone profits.

Imagine How Your Work Life and the Quality of Patient Care Would Change...

Imagine starting your next department meeting with one of these readings:

  • Having an Attitude of Gratitude at Work
  • Recognizing the Inner Lives of Others
  • Teamwork and the Restless Attitude to Excel
  • The Impact of Working with Soul

How would that change the conversation and tone of your meeting? How would that change the quality of interactions among coworkers? With patients? Multiply that by all of the departments in your facility. Imagine how that would change your work environment, quality of patient care and how employees felt about their jobs (and you felt about yours).

Organizational Development consultants are incorporating Healing with Heart into their training offerings, customizing it to dovetail and support their clients' initiatives. Hospitals are finding that Healing with Heart naturally supports and seamlessly fits into their Total Quality Management and Patient-Centered Care initiatives.

A Meaningful Gift for Staff that Touches Lives and Lasts a Career

In today’s economy, staff are looking for meaningful and practical gifts. Give each one Healing with Heart and then use it to build stronger, more committed teams of people who work with a deeper sense of fulfillment and heart.

Healing with Heart leaves the reader with the feeling that who they are and what they do counts. Readers carry this renewed perspective and new coping strategies into every interaction, every decision, and into their very being, making work seem infinitely more satisfying.

Healing with Heart supports a work climate that puts people first. Authentic communications, compassion, effective teamwork, and stellar leadership all stem from the fundamental reminders found in Healing with Heart: Our common humanity, our shared goals and our drive to excel.

Take a moment during your day to pause, reflect and then act with authenticity. Make Healing with Heart part of your daily routine. See what happens!

New Healing with Heart Products

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