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Moss Communications is a small, boutique publisher specializing in creating inspiring yet pragmatic tools that improve the work life of everyone who works in health care and those they touch. When health care professionals reflect on what first attracted them to this most sacred work, their passion is reignited and the workplace and patient care are transformed.

Moss Communications is committed to creating books and other products that inspire, encourage reflection, and foster deeper human connection. We specialize in addressing the heart and soul needs of healthcare professionals and those they touch so profoundly every day.

  • A New Service from Moss Communications
    Animal Assisted Therapy: The Best High Benefit, Low Cost Program for Your Hospital

    Since 1996, Terri Moss has worked in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT): visiting patients, evaluating therapy pet teams, designing and implementing AAT policies and programs, and training and educating leaders, staff and volunteers. Now, Terri is offering this consultative and training service to hospitals and speaks to clinical teams about AAT's therapeutic efficacy.

    AAT is a high benefit low cost program that improves patient outcomes and the patient experience and enhances staff satisfaction. AAT demonstrates a hospital's commitment to providing innovative compassionate care. Learn more here about how we can maximize the therapeutic value of this incredibly rich program in your hospital.

  • Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide—is a thoughtful balance of research-based information and reflective, interactive activities dedicated to inspiring health care providers to create a healthy, balanced and meaningful work life.  This beautiful, inspirational, gift-quality book includes step-by-step tips and space for journaling, making it an intensely practical tool for nurse and clinical team development.
  • Healing with Heart products support a work climate that puts people first and embraces patient-centered care. Authenticity, compassion, effective teamwork, and stellar leadership are in the reflections in Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals.
  • Prayer: A Relationship without Words is a gentle companion for caregivers, their patients and families and others who, touched by the crisis seek solace and deeper meaning in their lives.

Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide

Healthy WaysHealthy Ways to Work in Health Care: A Self Care Guide is the latest collaborative effort from Martin Helldorfer and Terri Moss.

Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care helps readers identify the "right" job by gently guiding them through the current thinking on how work attitudes and behaviors are formed and encouraging specific reflective and journaling activities. Case studies and inspirational reflections on healing with heart rekindle spirit and support readers throughout their journey.

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Healthy Ways

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Prayer:  A Relationship without Words

imageIllness and crisis have a way of distilling our lives down to the simplest of terms. Whether believers or non-believers, we begin to seek answers, solace and deeper meaning in our lives. Prayer: A Relationship without Words is the perfect gift—for a caregiver, colleague, and friend or for your self.  Filled with inspiring words and pictures, this lovely companion offers compassionate support on the journey through these desert times.  It will be appreciated as a life-long treasure and gentle guide, opening new doors with every reading.

Read about
5 Activities When Prayer Stops Working.

Learn more about Prayer: A Relationship without Words, how to use this valuable tool and who will most benefit from reading it.

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Healing With Heart:  Inspirations for Health Care Professionals

American Journal of Nursing 2008 Book of the Year

Moss Communications is proud to announce that Healing with Heart has been honored to receive the American Journal of Nursing's 2008 Book of the Year award in the Leadership and Management category.

Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals is the latest book by Martin Helldorfer and Terri Moss now available to health care professionals through the publishing house of Moss Communications. This gift-quality, portable book has been lovingly and thoughtfully prepared for health care professionals who are on the go and need a quick, uplifting reminder of the importance, and yes, the sacredness of their work.

"Healing with Heart captures so beautifully
the essence of nursing in all its dimensions.
It is meant to be read by all those
who give from the heart."

Susan Hassmiller, PhD, RN, FAAN
Senior Advisor for Nursing
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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Healing with Heart Wisdom Cards

Healing with Heart Wisdom CardsIf you love Healing with Heart, the American Journal of Nursing’s Book of the Year award-winning book, you will love Healing with Heart Wisdom Cards. Each deck consists of a set of 24 cards containing the affirmations in Healing with Heart. Healing with Heart Wisdom Cards are gift-quality and portable, perfect for busy, on-the-go health care professionals. They are beautifully packaged in an organza, pull-tie bag.

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Card titles include:
  • Healing Presence
  • Colleagues
  • Passion for Work
  • Gratitude
  • Sacred Interactions
  • Human Connection
  • Open to the Moment
  • Slowing Down
  • Abundance
  • Trust
  • Express
  • Life
  • Different Perspectives
  • Leader
  • Honesty

Use these Wisdom Cards to change the conversation at staff meetings, deepen connections among colleagues, spark dialogue, reignite passion, inspire employees and remind them of the importance of their work.

Perfect for:

  • Nurse’s Week/Staffing Week
  • Workshops and retreats
  • Holidays
  • Employee recognition events
  • Service awards
  • Quality initiatives