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Terri Moss is pleased to be affiliated with the oldest nurse-based consulting firm, Creative Health Care Management (CHCM). Terri is a licensed facilitator of their workshop, Reigniting the Spirit of Caring and teams up with CHCM to deliver these workshops to hospital managers and staff. CHCM uses Healing with Heart to support the messages and methodology of Reignite the Spirit of Caring and their overarching approach to transforming care, Relationship-Based Care (RBC).

Terri attended the first Relationship-Based Care Symposium and wrote an article that was published in Creative Health Care Management’s newsletter. Hope as a Practical Instrument of Change: Exploring this Unexpected Outcome of the Relationship-Based Care Symposium summarizes RBC and the events that took place at the Symposium.

Hope as a Practical Instrument of Change: Exploring this Unexpected Outcome of the Relationship-Based Care Symposium

Terri Moss, Moss Communications

There were at least 400 different expectations leading up to this year's Symposium on Relationship-Based Care (RBC): a unique wish each of us brought to an event that was centered around "building communities to transform care." While many of us probably shared similar expectations of what we wanted to take away from our three-and-a-half-day experience, I'm not sure that we would have predicted that hope would be one of those gifts. Yet, hope was most certainly a very real outcome of this summer's gathering in upstate New York.

Hope is the marrying of the present with the future. It is our vision and desire to transform our current situation into a new state that will fulfill our view of what is right, optimal, and essential in order for something to function effectively. Hope fuels change. It is the energy and passion behind our efforts to transform our lives in general and, in the case of RBC, our workplace. And, hope is intensely practical.

If we see that physician-nurse relationships need to be more synergistic in order to improve patient care (and our quality of life at work), then we add our vision and hope to the tools and processes necessary to achieve this goal. If we believe that allied health professionals and those executives occupying the "C Suite" need to get on board and participate in RBC in order to transform the culture of caring at our hospitals, it is the added ingredient of hope that fuels our actions and sustains our vision as we tackle and overcome the many challenges and obstacles that accompany our journey.

As we go about our daily work, it is hope that energizes and directs our actions. How does the quality of our interactions with our colleagues, our team, and our patients and their families change when we are hope-filled instead of burdened by despair? When we have hope, there's a spring in our step, a determination to go the extra mile and to communicate more clearly and with more heart. When we carry a hopeful attitude into our daily lives, we give the benefit of the doubt to a colleague or situation rather than assume the worst of motives. Coming away from the RBC Symposium with a sense of hope has pragmatic, real-world ROI implications for us and for our organizations. Continue to full article.

Hospitals Investing in Compassionate Care - Even for Staff

With the daily barrage of bad news, it was with great relief and delight that I discovered GNN— the Good News Network: an online newspaper full of good news! They were recently highlighted on National Public Radio's program, All Things Considered. Here is an article they recently ran about how Hospitals are using Healing with Heart to support and nurture health care professionals:  Download article.



Million Nurse Project
Many hospitals that are implementing Jean Watson's Caring Theory are using Healing with Heart to further their efforts to spread this wonderful work throughout their organizations. We are pleased and honored to support the Watson Caring Science Institute in their groundbreaking efforts to transform health care. We are also thrilled that Healing with Heart is being used by hospitals who are participating in the Caritas Project. 

Healing with Heart is proud to be associated with the following websites. For information about resources that support nursing, visit these sites:

Johnson and Johnson Campaign for Nursing:

Nursing Knowledge International
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Sigma Theta Tau International
Moss Communications is honored to be a partner with Nursing Knowledge International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing; the source nurses trust for the knowledge they need to help patients, staff, colleagues and themselves!

Self-Care Academy is a comprehensive program that addresses nurses' emotional, physical and mental needs, focusing on the importance of making self care a priority, allowing the nurse to give the best of themselves to others. Self-Care Academy supports the nurse while reigniting the care-giving spirit and passion for the nursing profession. offers a wealth of information for those seeking a degree in nursing. You will find interviews with practicing nurses, expert nursing articles, and a directory of 7,000+ accredited nursing programs with NCLEX pass rate data. Their directory of NLNAC and CCNE accredited nursing programs was compiled by hand using data collected from the U.S. Department of Education, school administrators, the CCNE and the NLNAC. Even better, there's no cost to use this site. RN-to-BSN | RN-to-MSN


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