Prayer:  A Relationship without Words

Prayer: A Relationship without Words is a thought- and spirit-provoking book that gently supports and encourages the reader to consider prayer as “the ever-changing, living relationship between God and the persons we are called to become.”

Whether you are going through a period of crisis or helping someone who is, Prayer quietly suggests other ways to pray and find connection and meaning. Perhaps it is through dance, taking a stroll in nature, singing, or sharing a meal with a friend. This shift in awareness and desire to live a prayerful life has a real impact on the quality of our relationships with others and how we conduct our lives.

Prayer offers reflections for caregivers at the end of each chapter. It asks:

Do clinicians who nurture a reflective life ready themselves to…

  • Listen more intently?

  • See more clearly?
  • Bear more acutely?
  • Touch more sensitively?
  • Diagnose more accurately?

And for patients, it asks…

If patients have times to rest before God, will those moments shape the way they live? Influence their understanding of healing and health as well as sickness and death?

Prayer: A Relationship without Words is ideally suited for those who…

  • Have a prayer life that is dulled by rote readings and mindless attempts at achieving a prayerful life

  • Have trouble believing that God desires connection or that they can achieve such a connection with their God, the Divine, Universal Knower, Nature, Buddha, or other Presence

  • Are spiritual seekers wishing a fresh and broad perspective about their relationship to God and living a spiritual way of life.

  • Are in crisis and wish support and encouragement during challenging times.

  • Interact with those in crisis, including health care professionals, chaplains and those in ministry, who wish support as they provide a healing presence.

5 Activities When Prayer Stops Working

Sometimes, especially in dark periods of stress, our tried and true ways of praying no longer give us the comfort and sense of connection that they have in the past. Here are some other ideas of what you can do from Prayer: A Relationship without Words:

Set aside sacred texts.

Wait until you’re ready to pray. Allow quiet, inner growth to take place.

Let go of what has died and focus on what is alive: Singing, dancing, and walking are all ways to pray.

Find something beautiful.

Work, get involved in your world. Activity expresses love.


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