KAISER FOUNDATION SCHOOL OF NURSING: A Legacy of Disruptive Innovation

Meeting the Moment.


This beautiful, photo-rich, curated book narrates the untold history of the Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing (KFSN) through the voices of its alumni and faculty. This book captures stories of KFSN graduates and faculty through interviews and archival research, exposing an inspirational vision and leadership that responded to the demands of their time: the building of Grand Coulee Dam, World War II, transformation in healthcare financing, delivery and technology, and the revolutionary civil rights movement.


KFSN and this book were built on the shoulders of the faculty; the disruptive innovators of nursing education who created an exceptional school of nursing, developed a cohort of 1,065 registered nurses over 30 years and shaped legacy elements that influence Kaiser Permanente and nursing more broadly, to this day. It reflects the pioneers and legends that made a difference and had an enduring impact on the nursing profession while transforming clinical practice and systems in Kaiser Permanente for more than 75 years.


KFSN nurses were leaders of disruptive innovation and they helped realize a new way of viewing health care through the lens of Kaiser Permanente’s provocative medical model, which focused on wellness rather than illness. History can be a powerful, transformative teacher and this book holds the lesson plan for nursing professionals, nursing educators, and health care executives on how to match the challenge of the times and navigate the unknown by disrupting the status quo and fearlessly innovating. BUY NOW

HEALING WITH HEART: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals

American Journal of Nursing 2008 Book of the Year! 

Healing with Heart was honored to receive the American Journal of Nursing's 2008 Book of the Year award in the Leadership and Management category. Its relevance is timeless and its calm reassurance and inspirational messages are even more relevant in this age of Covid-19 and the extreme burdens it has placed on healthcare professionals in general and nurses in particular.

Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals is a gift-quality, portable book lovingly and thoughtfully prepared for health care professionals who are on the go and need a quick, uplifting reminder of the importance, and yes, the sacredness of their work. BUY NOW


If you love Healing with Heart, you will love Healing with Heart Wisdom Cards. Each deck consists of a set of 24 cards containing the affirmations in Healing with Heart


Healing with Heart Wisdom Cards are gift-quality and portable, perfect for busy, on-the-go health care professionals who need a lift in the middle of their shift and a reminder of the value of their work. They are beautifully packaged in organza, pull-tie bag. Place your order here. BUY NOW
Card titles include:
• Healing Presence
• Colleagues
• Passion for Work
• Gratitude
• Sacred Interactions
• Human Connection
• Open to the Moment
• Slowing Down
• Abundance
• Trust
• Express
• Life
• Different Perspectives
• Leader
• Honesty